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Date of Birth: Nov. 19,1975
Zodiac: Scorpio

She is the first Indian to win a Miss Universe Title in 1994.
She brought to her duties as ambassador of beauty and purpose an irresistibly cheeky grin and a now well schooling led sense of etiquette.
She is 172.5cm tall.
She was a dark horse in the Miss India contest, and an even darker one at Miss Universe but what set her apart was that she was a refreshingly different.
She came home after her coronation, everyone who was anyone was there to add their good wishes.
She got a grand welcome everywhere she went. The rest welcomed her with classifieds and advertisement in the newspapers.
After her tenure as Miss Universe was over, she stayed back in Los Angeles for sometime and had plans of setting her own garment house.
However she succumbed to the allure of Tinsel town. She has now starred in some films like Dastak and Zor, Sirf Tum and Biwi No 1 . She won the best supporting actress award in the year 2000 for her role in Biwi No 1 which was the biggest hit of 1999.

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