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She is Sushmita

A person reared in the cocoon of cantonment life, in a middle-class suburb of Delhi, now showered with attention of global proportions. An ambassador of feminine beauty, peace, love, and optimism, at an age most kids are worried about getting a driving-license and a drinking permit. That's Sushmita Sen. That's Miss Universe, 1994 orginally born on 19 Nov 1975.

Sushmita is intelligent, but it is an intelligence as yet untainted by realism. Before all this happened, hers was yet a gossamer world, tipped between the cradle and the crown. Creative rather than literal, poetic rather than pedantic, it is these very qualities that endeared her to the viewers and judges.

She has led a rather normal filmi existence and has had her fair share of carping critics, her erratic lifestyle, her unpunctual ways, her live in relationships, her much married boyfriend Vikram Bhatt,her phenomenal asking price, her undeflated ego,her problem and consequent patch up with Akshaye Kumar, all have brought her morethan her share of flak.

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