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Sushmita Talks

I love  Life
I prefer to forget  What I don't remember to do
I dig  Deep into people's heart
I get turned on by  Men like Brad Pitt & Antonio Banderas
My biggest assets  A head & a shoulder placed perfectly in place
My sex appeal  My eyes & smile
My passion  Poetry and my two babies Jaan & Zen
My greatest necessity  Friends with Love
My sorrow  Never to be able to show it in open
My most unforgettable moment  5:am 21st May 94 - Miss Universe '94
My favourite bedroom line  Wake me up before you go - go
My strength  My confidence
My favourite possession  My baby's heart
My special ability  Always a survivor never a victim
My most embrassing moment  Don't remember
What bored me most  Listening to people on topic they know nothing about
What pained me most  Too much of love
What I avoid most  Embrassing situations
What tires me most  Thinking
What touches me most  my underwear
My Birthday  19th Nov. 1975 / A Scorpio (I Sting)

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